10 good reasons to become a Duo dealer

 Our main objective: the success of our resellers!
  1. 100% Dealers! We never sell to the end user.
  2. Turnkey: by producing your project from A to Z (structure and graphic), Duo offers you one single point of contact, and our full commitment to the success of your project.
  3. We know the expectations of our resellers – quality, price, service – and we try, every day, to fulfil these expectations.
  4. A dedicated sales team is available to assist you with all your needs.
  5. We will train your team on our products, design, and the best sales techniques for our solutions.
  6. We offer you unbranded marketing tools: catalogue, website, 3D design software, demo kits, templates, videos, pictures,…
  7. A line that is continually improving: innovation is in our DNA!
  8. Duo is one of the pioneers in large-format fabric printing, our expertise was recognized by the 2012 Viscom Award for the best textile printing.
  9. Eco-responsible: Since 2007, Duo has been committed to an environmental approach from the design to the recycling of graphics. Duo is certified by Imprim'vert®, the first global brand in environmental recognition for the graphics industry.
  10. Ours products are produced and assembled locally by our individual teams as well as local suppliers: in France for Europe, and in Canada and the United States for North America.

If you would like to become a dealer, please complete our registration form