Textile Sublimation printing:

Dye sublimation is used for printing on fabric as it can be washed afterwards, while still keeping its colours lively and fresh.
The principle of dye sublimation: The idea is simple; a strip of paper is printed (offset) in reverse so that the printed message will be the right way round once it is copied onto the desired material. The paper and the tissue are overlaid and pressed against a heated cylinder (around 210°C) for a few seconds. Under the effect of the heat, the ink fixes itself to the tissue, leaving us to just separate the paper and the tissue in taking it from the machine.

5 reasons to choose dye-sub printing on fabric:

unparalleled print quality
Professionals agree, dye-sublimation printing offers a quality of contrast, intensity, and depth that is unparalleled. All of the colors in our large line are incredibly bright, including high intensity blacks.
In addition, dye-sublimated fabric absorbs all lighting, avoiding any distracting reflections on your image.

A durable print solution
Fabric graphics are wrinkle-resistant and enable easy transport, installation, and manipulation. They do not require special packaging and are resistant to scratches and stains.

an economical choice
Fabric graphics can be sent in a simple envelope and are easily stored -- making them ideal for retail store chains, promotional campaigns, and organizations that want to frequently change their graphics.

a wide variety of materials to enhance your creativity
A large line of fabrics multiplies the variety of possible configurations and leaves ample room for your unique designs. This broad choice of materials gives you the ability to create original graphics with boundless creativity in your marketing message.

A ecological process
The dye-sub printing process and inks used are ecological solutions without solvents or harsh odours.

Your personalised collection of materials:

Duo has chosen a range of textiles adapted for all display or event applications.
Don’t hesitate to contact us for specific demands. We want to create products for you in your image and for your own area of expertise.

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You aren’t used to preparing printing files?


We can offer you 2 options:

• You would like us to guide you in the creation of your files.
Don’t hesitate to contact your advisor so that they can accompany you in preparing your files.

• You would like us to take charge of the creation of your files.
Please provide us with all the information you have about the request and we will create a quote for you.


To send us your files, it’s easy:


To directly upload your files on our FTP.
Remember to name your files with either the name of your company or the order number concerned.

Particular conditions for exhibit booths:
Duo has given you a rendering of your stand on which you can see the name and the dimensions of each frame; please use this information to name your files.
For example: Graphic_A_1500x2500.pdf


This information is given as a rough guide to help facilitate optimal print production. If these suggestions are not followed, Duo cannot be taken responsible for the quality of the printing.Should non-compliance with these guidelines necessitate intervention on our part, all modification of original art files or additional orders could result in an additional charge on or an additional invoice for your project.